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Cowhide Rugs On The Wall

Cowhides now a days are used in decorating ones home. In general what people know is to use cowhides as an ornament on their flooring as these hides does not … Continue reading

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Cowhide for Fashion

There are so many things on how you can use cowhides as part of your every day life. Through your own fashion, through your very own home. Its progressing! Cowhides … Continue reading

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Cowhide Rugs | Feminine Ideas

Way back, cowhide rugs are only for the ‘Lone Rangers’ at heart. They say that to have these beautiful genuine rugs, your house should have the cowboy, rustic or cabin … Continue reading

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Removing Curls in a Cowhide Rug

When buying a cowhide rug, the first thing that you should know is how to care for it. Even if authentic cowhide rugs are durable, there are still some things … Continue reading

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Cowhide Rug in the Kitchen | Should You?

Lots and lots of people are now getting genuine cowhide rugs to decorate their homes. With its increasing popularity, you sure can find a friend or relative with these natural … Continue reading

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Cowhide Rug Idea | Layering

Decorating with authentic cowhide rug can be very easy. Because it is naturally beautiful and the colors are mostly the neutral or earth ones, it is not difficult to match … Continue reading

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Cowhide Rugs in Instagram

These pretty things are making the rounds in the social media-verse. If you can’t believe that there are fans of designer cowhide rugs, look at what we have compiled for … Continue reading

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