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Things That Could Go Wrong with Your Cowhide Rug and How to Fix it

Genuine cowhide rugs are one of the best decors you can put in your home as they can be used as a focal point or minor accent in your space because of their beauty and natural design. They are durable and low-maintenance which means less worry for you. However, there are some things that can happen to it, not exactly bad, but it may make you panic when you see them.
caring cowhide rug

It is always good to remember that cowhide rugs are natural and they can be affected by the environment and how they are being handled and cared for. There will be issues that you need to deal with, but trust me; they can easily be dealt with!

Number 1 – Its corners may curl. Curling happens because the corners of the rug are usually thinner than most part of it, and since it is the same for all cowhide rugs, it does not mean that you’ve bought a poor quality one when you experience this!

What to do: If your cowhide rug still does not have this, you better avoid it by making sure that you keep it away from too much heat. Do not put it under direct sunlight. On the other hand if your precious hide is already showing signs of curling, you may spray some water on the back part of the rug then massage the rug. Fold it back and put some heavy books (encyclopedias work best!) for 1-2 days and the edges should straighten.

Number 2 – It may smell. This is a rare occurrence actually, but if it does happen, it’s good to know what to do right?

What to do: No you cannot wash your cowhide! The best thing that you can do in this situation is to hang it outdoors and allow the air to dry it. If it fails to work, or you can still smell something after you hanged it for a few hours, then using a powdered carpet deodorizer can be a good idea.

Number 3 – It may be stained. Having dirt and stain on your carpet is the most common situation your rug can get into. After a night of party or dinner, it is inevitable for you or your guest to spill some wine or food on them, which, of course can ruin the look of the rug.

What to do: If this happens, you can use a damp cloth or sponge with a soap solution to wipe the rug. Then mix 5% of vinegar and 95% of water, dip in a damp cloth on it and rub it gently on the rug. On the other hand, for dirt, you can just ask someone to help you to take the rug outdoors and shake it off. Vacuuming it gently is also okay.

Genuine cowhide rugs are generally durable, but like any item it is susceptible to wear and tear after some time. While most rugs will last a lifetime, it is always good to know what you can do in case you see some signs of deterioration.

Knowing some quick fixes and “first aid” for your cowhide rug will make it last even longer.


6 comments on “Things That Could Go Wrong with Your Cowhide Rug and How to Fix it

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  2. Linda Drennon
    August 23, 2013

    What about dog hair how do you get that off, can you vaccum it off?

    • ecowhides
      September 12, 2013

      Hi Linda, yes,vacuuming can work with it.

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  4. Linda Young
    October 13, 2013

    How do I remove the odor from my new cowhide rug. Airing it out has not worked?

    • ecowhides
      October 15, 2013

      Have you just bought the hide? Cause if our customers experience this, we usually just advise them to air it out and if it does not work to just return it to us as we don’t advocate using chemicals on them. First, because it might not work and second, if it does not work we won’t replace it anymore as we don’t accept returned hides that has been treated or washed.

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