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Cowhide Rugs | Feminine Ideas

Way back, cowhide rugs are only for the ‘Lone Rangers’ at heart. They say that to have these beautiful genuine rugs, your house should have the cowboy, rustic or cabin theme in order for it to look great. The most common home décor that went with it were heads of dead animals and guns and that’s it – you cannot put it in any place else.

Gone are those days.

Lots of women now like authentic cowhide rugs in their homes and even their rooms. With the existence of the dyed cowhide rugs in feminine colors like pink, red and orange these home decorations are becoming essential in order to lift the ambiance of a female’s space. Even the natural cowhide rugs like the tricolors, black and white and white natural cowhides are now becoming the ‘it’ thing for women’s rooms or personal space.

If you want are looking for a design idea using a genuine cowhide rug but you’re afraid you’d lose that feminine touch, see these amazing photos we have compiled and see that you have nothing to fear.

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authentic cowhide rugs

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true cowhide rugs

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purple dyed cowhide rugs


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